Highly reliable and scalable web applications

Our web applications are marked by a robust, scalable architecture that supports high performance requirements and ease of management without compromising security. Quip Global’s frontend team tops it all off with an intuitive UX and a polished UI designed to keep your users coming back.

Our Expertise

WordPress Development

Any competent content management system (CMS) allows users to store, organize, and publish content—all from a central interface. We choose WordPress in most cases because it’s so incredibly friendly.

User friendly

Give a website admin a clunky, frustrating, one-size-fits-all dashboard to manage and publish content on and you’ll quickly see a website’s content go stale and money sunk into wrestling the CMS. WordPress puts all the tools into admin staff’s hands without overwhelming it, providing intuitive, almost simple content publishing. Moreover, we’re able to customize the look and functionality of the dashboard to cater to the everyday needs of the website admin. Updates are a breeze, the website stays fresh, and everyone is happy.

Developer friendly

WordPress is unbelievably flexible and is a foundation for nearly any website we can imagine. With it powering over 75 million sites worldwide, WordPress is the most user-tested, community-supported, open-source, vastly extensible CMSes available.

SEO friendly

WordPress makes it easy to create keyword-rich URL titles, optimize meta information, keep XML sitemaps updated, and even add schema microdata using plugins, such as Yoast’s WordPress SEO. With a little training, anyone can learn to optimize page content throughout the site.
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eCommerce Development


The major open source tools we use for web development are:

  • WordPress: Started primarily as a CMS, WordPress today forms a backbone to millions of websites out there. The SEO optimization, easy content management and the plethora of themes available makes WordPress a default choice for a website platform. The newer plugins like ecommerce enable the much desired functionality of an ecommerce site, making the platform ever so desirable.
  • Drupal: Drupal has been a choice of web developers because of two major reasons – Long term business security and Enterprise-class scalability. The highly customizable platform provides rapid and agile web development.
  • Joomla: Joomla is another free open source platform with diverse extensions and stunning templates. The flexibility, control and high quality offered by Joomla makes it an option as worthy as others.
  • Magento: Magento is the default option for the majority of ecommerce developers round the globe. Unique mobile templates, Model-view-counter, multi store and multi site functionality are some of the most notable features.
  • CS-Cart: It is essentially a PHP and MySQL based platform, used primarily as a commercial shopping cart solution. A ready storefront, support for over 80 payment methods and many shipping options, full inventory control are some notable features, CS-Cart has to offer.