Brahma Samaj

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Introduction :

BSGC is for  gathering of Brahmin families who meet at an arranged place and time in order to discuss or engage in some common interest to empower Brahmin Samaj.

Core objective for its foundation are :

  • Betterment of future generation while helping those in need in the form of Education aid, Health aid and Job aid.
  • Conducting motivational and educational seminar including cultural get together and prize distribution to students who had performed well in their educational career.
  • Assisting those students who are looking for job or moving abroad for further advance education, and even in business.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Tools : WordPress, Photoshop
  • Data Base Management : Web Service, MySQL

Feature :  

  • donate through donate you can donate the funds for the students, people
  • event
  • you can be a member and also you can be a volunteer of this Brahmin samaj
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