AWS consulting

AWS consulting partner

Turning off-the-shelf Amazon Web Services into custom solutions for your business

It takes a lot of work to become one of Amazon’s Managed Service Program partner companies. We passed a rigorous auditing program that tested not just our technology and skills, but our processes, sustainability, and customer service.

Then we went further.

Our AWS consulting services exceed the MSP requirements to provide:

  • A comprehensive suite of policies, procedures and services, culminating in a fully managed AWS platform that goes as far as our customers need
  • Deep insights into infrastructure as well as applications and their performance
  • SLAs that exceed AWS standards
  • Customized tools, implementation services, monitoring, and optimization
  • Application-level and database services to guide decisions about architecture, technology, vendor selection, and to troubleshoot  complex technical problems
  • Insight into performance enhancements that follow documented policies, standards, and controls for governance and procurement
  • Operations and financial management optimization of AWS resources

You can get the basics anywhere. But if you want an AWS technology partner with decades of enterprise IT experience, Quip globa is the right partner to get your IT spend working for you.

We make AWS consulting human

Whether you need managed AWS hosting services, a team to directly connect your colocation and AWS environments via Managed AWS Direct Connect, or someone to walk you through VMware alternatives on AWS, Quip Global has you covered.